Strawberry, Banana, Peach and Spinach Baby Food Purée Recipe


Here is another great recipe to mask those veggies you so desperately want your baby to eat! Let’s be honest, spinach has such a strong, distinct flavor and I knew before even trying that Naomi wasn’t going to like it by itself. So, mix it with some sweet fruit, and she doesn’t even know she’s eating vegetables! #momwin

Strawberry, Banana, Peach and Spinach : Stage 2 Purée
servings: makes 20-24

Here’s what you need:
+ Blender
+ Pot and Steamer
+ Freezer mold – I absolutely love this mold otherwise you can use ice trays
+ Frozen Peaches – 16 oz. bag, thawed
+ Frozen Strawberries – 16 oz. bag, thawed
+ a couple medium bananas
+ 1 bag of fresh Spinach
+ 1 Strawberry Greek Yogurt
+ Almond Milk or water

Let’s get started! Go ahead and fill your pot with some water and start steaming your Spinach. It doesn’t need to steam for very long, just long enough for it to get soft.

While your steaming, you can throw your  strawberries, peaches, bananas and yogurt in the blender. You’ll need a little bit of almond milk to give them some traction in the blender, and depending on the thickness you want your purée to be, add more or less almond milk or water. I’m working on transitioning Naomi to people food, so I went ahead and made it a little thicker.

Add your steamed spinach and give it another whirl in the blender until it’s all mixed and delicious.

That’s all there is to it! Pour it into the molds and freeze it, and then I pop them into freezer ziploc bags and label them.



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