Baby Painting Sensory Activity

FullSizeRender 24

I’m always looking for new things to try with Naomi. I believe that sensory activities are beneficial to brain development and creativity. They also are fun for me! Since Naomi has an artist for a mama, I of course want to get her experimenting creatively right away. And with a degree in painting, I figured that’s a good place to start! Naomi loved squishing the paint and watching the colors blend and move, and afterwards you have a fun painting to hang on the fridge, make cards out of for grandparents, or add to the baby scrapbook. So here’s what you need for this super fun, easy activity:

+ acrylic paint
+ gallon ziploc bag
+ heavy cardstock paper
+ Tape (I used painters tape)

So first you want to squeeze some paint in little dots all over your paper. Carefully put it in the ziploc bag. Make sure all of the air is out of the bag and seal it tight. Tape down to the floor or highchair tray, and let baby squish away!



When you’re all done you can either cut the bag to remove the painting, or very carefully slide it out so you don’t wreck the masterpiece! Be sure to remove it while it’s still wet. Let dry and hang on the fridge!



The bag looks pretty cool all by itself too!



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